1000 kilometers



Dan Donahoe is a licensed professional engineer (PE) offering consulting services as 1000 kilometers® (the name refers to the distance from Salt Lake to Silicon Valley). Dan began thermal work with his bachelors senior project and his masters thesis. His professional thermal experience began in the thermal department at Lockheed and continued with tasks such as design of a worldwide datacom facilities upgrade while at Ford Aerospace and as inventor of several thermal related patents for Compaq Computer. In addition to thermal work, Dan has managed the design of avionics boxes at Teledyne. Dan has done extensive reliability work while at Compaq and at Exponent Failure Analysis Associates. Dan worked at Motorola on electronics exposed to extreme acceleration. In summary, his career has focused on all aspects of electronics - from ICs to buildings. Dan holds a BS and MS from the University of Illinois and a PhD from the University of Maryland and is a Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE). Dan has been active in several engineering professional societies including ASHRAE, ASME and IEEE as well as community groups. He has written many articles on engineering topics; a good fraction of these can be found online.