With a carrier hotel location in downtown Salt Lake, a campus in Bluffdale at point of the mountain and another facility in the business park at Lindon, C7 has over 135,000 sq. ft. of data center floor space for colocation; powering, cooling and securing Utah’s data infrastructure.

Customers choose C7 for the high-quality, low cost disaster safe colocation, great facilities and network carrier options.

The main products that C7 sells are:

  • Colocation – hosting your data infrastructure in a purpose built facility
  • Cloud Services – solutions that leverage the cost benefits and scalability of virtualized infrastructure
  • IT Services – solutions that leverage the cost benefits and experience of IT professionals

C7 is a non-traditional data center provider in that the facilities are built with future data infrastructure requirements in mind and done so in a way that gives the customer the lowest possible cost for these high quality services.

As a company, C7 was founded in 1999 and refocused in 2007 to specialize in data center colocation. In 2009 C7 built its first cloud server infrastructure and in 2013 C7 launched its manage IT services offerings.

C7 is one of the fastest growing data center companies in the US and continues to compete and win on a national stage as a regional data center provider.